Instruction team

Frank Beels 

Absolom Academy  BJJ & MDS Head Instructor

Certifications :

- Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt 4° Degree, recognized by the JJGF (Rickson Gracie)

- Mastro Defence System - Instructor level 4

- Bachelor Physical Education

- Certified Black Belt by the Grand Masters Council (Brasil)

- Certified Jiu-Jitsu Instructor by Grand Master Flavio Behring

- Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

- Shito Ryu Karate Black belt 1°Dan

Experience & Background :

Frank Beels started Shito-Ryu Karate when he was 14 years old. When he was 21, he earned his black belt, but the same year (1995), he changed direction in a style that seemed more realistic to him, the "Kyokushin Kai". The teaching of this art was much more focused on fighting.

With the influence in the 90's of the "ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP", he understood that to be a complete fighter, he had to know the ground fighting, thus Frank specialized in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling.

He initiated and deepended his knowledge in the field with the first two pioneers of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Belgium, first with Jean-Pierre Grizzo, then with Patrick Chaput.

Helped by his training in Physical Education Bachelor, his innate taste for teaching led him to take the plunge and create his own BJJ academy in 2000 in the sports complex of NATO. This did not prevent him to take further part in many international BJJ championships and Grappling thereafter.

2002… that year Frank met a great Self-Defense expert, Fred Mastro, who founded, with a unprecedented talent in close combat (both bare hands as knives), his own style, the "Mastro Defence System" (MDS), method very realistic and very suitable for security specialists and the police. Fred, meanwhile, was interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, always in a search of absolute efficiency, it was therefore an ideal technical sharing on both sides.

On October 11, 2007, Frank was promoted to black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, from the Grand Master Flavio Behring, red belt 9 ° grade.

He will get his second grade and his Black Belt certification in Brazil (Rio) in November 2011 in front of the Council of Grand Masters.

In April 09th, 2015, Frank was promoted 3d degree black belt, from the Grand Master Flavio Behring.

In January 10th, 2020, Frank was promoted MDS level 4 - Instructor - by Fred Mastro

In October 15th, 2021, Frank was promoted 4th degree black belt, by the JJGF (Rickson Gracie)

Best Results : 

- Champion Groundmaster IV – Erpe-Mere – OPEN Class – 2013

- Champion Groundmaster IV – Erpe-Mere – Senior Heavy Weight – 2013

- Champion Ground-Fight – Herne – OPEN Class – 2012

- Champion Ground-Fight – Herne – Heavy weight – 2012

- 2° +85kg (Advanced class) in the 7° Belgian BJJ Open 2007 (Spartakiades 7) – 2007

- 3° -85kg EUROPEAN BJJ CUP 2006 (Master – Purple Belt) – Lisbon (Portugal) – 2006

- 3° -90kg King of the Beach (Belgian West-Coast Open GRAPPLING) – 2005

- 3° -91kg (Advanced class) in the 5° Belgian BJJ Open 2005 (Spartakiades 5) – 2005

- 2° -88kg Open Championship Luxemburg of Grappling – 2004

- 2° -85kg (Advanced class) in the 3° Belgian BJJ Open 2003 (Spartakiades 3) – 2003

- Champion -86kg Open Holland BJJ – 2003

- 2° -80kg in the B.I.G. 3 (Brussels Intl° Grappling) – 2002

- Champion +91kg in the 1st Belgian BJJ Open 2001 (Spartakiades) – 2001

- 2° Absolute Class in the 1st Belgian BJJ Open 2001 (Spartakiades) – 2001

- 3° -91kg in the 1st Belgian BJJ Open 2001 (Spartakiades) – 2001

- 3° -90kg in the 2d Open Intl° Grappling of Paris – 2001

- 3° -91kg in the French BJJ OPEN – 2001

- 2° in the B.I.G. (Brussels Intl° Grappling) – 2000

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